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Welcome to MGM Clinics

If you’re visiting us for the first time, we’d like you to know exactly what to expect at our friendly clinic.

MGM Clinics is a relaxed and energetic place, with a close knit team who love their job.

When you arrive, we invite you to take a seat in our light and airy waiting room. We don’t stand on ceremony! Make yourself comfortable and you will be greeted by one of the team as soon as they have finished with the patient before you.

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We understand people live busy lives, and want to be helped to an efficient solution. MGM Clinics offers evening appointments, and we are now open on Sundays!

We aim to treat you quickly, and on time.

We want to provide you with a great experience so that you feel confident in having chosen us. The great news is, you are already wired for good health, and it is our job to help unlock that.

At MGM Clinics we get great results, and have a very loyal group of clients who love what we do as much as we do! We will welcome and support you every step of the way, while educating you to help you get the most out of your care.

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At MGM Clinics our focus is away from drugs and surgery.

Your body requires clear communication with your brain, free from any interference and our approach is to help you restore your ability to self-heal. We do this with a combination of Chiropractic, Physiotherapy and Sports Massage.

Whether you want short-term relief or lifetime care, we are ready to listen and provide choices and support for you and your family. Please see some of our most frequently asked questions below.

If there is anything else you would like to know, do not hesitate to call.

Community Care

We're dedicated to improving the health of Harlow! We offer regular FREE educational events and activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We will guide you towards the best treatment for you. If you have any questions in advance of your first session, please email us or ask for a telephone consultation and one of our team will be happy to speak to you.

When you first come to MGM Clinics we will take you through a new patient consultation form. This may include information about you and your lifestyle plus relevant medical, exercise, and injury history and a range of motion/nervous system exams. Any questions you might have will be answered before your treatment.

Your first visit will last around 30 minutes. Appointments for Physiotherapy and Sports Massage generally last 30 minutes, and subsequent Chiropractic adjustments are usually carried out within 15 minutes. We aim to treat you quickly and on time.

For Chiropractic we suggest loose comfortable clothing. Physiotherapy and Sports Massage require access to bare skin, and so a gown can be provided for your comfort, or some patients choose to wear shorts.

Many people come in with existing pain, but you are in control of how deeply the therapist works and they will check with you throughout your treatment that you are comfortable. For Physiotherapy and Sports Massage the team will be guided by you as to how deeply you wish them to work. It is not uncommon for patients who are new to Chiropractic to be nervous of being adjusted. They are often pleasantly surprised how gentle their adjustment was and how comfortable they feel.

We are happy to offer short-term relief or lifetime care.
You will never be pressured into having more treatments than is necessary. A great many of our clients choose to continue with us in order to maintain their good health, but the choice is entirely yours.

Many people come to us initially to seek relief from pain. It is our goal to treat our patients quickly, whilst helping them reach a clear understanding of what is causing the issues. We give them the tools to help themselves take action to prevent those issues from worsening or reoccurring.

Many of our clients choose to continue with us, in order to maintain their good health. Much in the way people continue with a healthy eating plan when they reach their goal weight, or carry on going to the gym when they achieve their desired level of fitness. Regular treatments help prevent you from ending up back where you started.

Yes! Our youngest client has been a few weeks old (and our oldest is in their 90’s.) Children under 16 will be charged £28 for all appointments.

We can visit you at home for Sports Massage, with plans to add Chiropractic in the future. Ask us for details.

We offer a Mobile MGM service and work closely with local businesses to take care of their work force on site the same day following injury, or at the clinic for regular maintenance. At MGM Clinics we work to help reduce the number of sick days by treating problems before they worsen.

We are in the process of setting up our systems to process work for our patients who wish to pay through their insurance provider. Please ask us for details.

We are happy to accept payments by card or cash. (We do not take American Express.)

We are happy to provide you with a receipt if requested. This will be sent via email, please allow up to a week.

MGM Clinics is in Unit 83 of the Greenway Business Centre, which is part of the Harlow Business Park. As you drive through the gates, turn immediately right and we are at the end of that building, past reception.

We are on the ground floor, with disabled access to the building and to the toilets.

There is plenty of parking on site. It is free!

Absolutely! We would be delighted to welcome them.

Ora Café is located a short walk from the clinic in Unit 45 and are open until 3.30pm, and 2.00pm on Saturdays. They have been serving breakfasts, snacks and lunches to customers of the Centre as well as from the local area since 2004.

We ask that you give 24 hours’ notice to cancel or change an appointment, otherwise it will be chargeable at the full rate.

We charge £45 for a new patient/initial consultation for Chiropractic or Physiotherapy and £38 for all subsequent appointments. Sports Massage is £35 for all appointments.